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Quotes – Webroot Report 2015:

85.000 new malicious IP’s are launched every day

Less than 55% of all URL’s are trustworthy

30% of internet users access phishing sites

15% of new files are malicious executables

(Only 28% of Mobile Apps are trustworthy or benign)

(Trustworthy apps fell from 52% in 2013 to 28% in 2014)

Why Us


BitRater is a new and innovative technology that protects against malware, viruses, spyware, hacking and more.

BitRater takes full control over any and all processes, which can execute on a computer. Contrary to most security tools, it is designed with extreme efficiency.

BitRater is one of the most comprehensive and effective security whitelisting applications available today.

BitRater provides both endpoint protection and process control.


BitRater can function untouched and even unseen by users.

Any time BitRater sees an unknown process on the computer, this process is automatically uploaded to the BitRater Cloud Service where it gets analyzed by >50 anti-malware engines, compared to extensive databases of benign and malicious processes and finally analysed by advanced tools.

If the process is known or suspected to be malicious,it is automatically blocked from executing on the computer PLUS all other computers connected to BitRater Cloud Service. It all happens almost immediately and is fully automated!

Key features

Easy installation

Easy installation

One-click install on clients – get intelligence-grade protection within 10 minutes.

“DEFCON” Compliant

“DEFCON” Compliant

If your organization is under attack – or if you suspect it is – no need to panic or shut down the entire network. BitRater is already preventing execution of malicious files within your network.

For business, government and home users

For business, government and home users

Threats neutralised at home, in the office or on the go.



Blacklisting is a list of known undesired processes. BitRater’s default setting is to block all blacklisted processes. Therefore no processes known to be harmful can run on your computer. The antivirus application can remove the blocked processes later.

7X24X365 CLOUD

7X24X365 CLOUD

With 99.999% uptime, our cloud keeps your IT safe every hour of every day – and BitRater doesn’t need a connection to keep protecting you.



Whitelisting is the security approach used by major banks and intelligence agencies. Until now, it needed a team of administrators to run. With BitRater, you get intelligence-grade protection at home.


We are associated with malware protection

BitRater protects your servers and endpoints from known and zero-day malware, while enabling expressly-authorized software to run. BitRater uses whitelisting technology to permit your choice of safe software to run, while preventing bad or unknown files, completely blocking malware before it can steal or destroy your organization’s most important information.


Rapid Response

BitRater uses a Default-Deny signature-less form of malware protection.  This is the most effective way to prevent malware from executing, allowing threat detection and response within milliseconds.


No More Virus Scans

The days of long virus scans are over. Once installed, BitRater is always on, blocking viruses, malware and ransomware in real time allowing you to stop malware in its tracks, eliminating the need for virus scanning.


Connected & Remote Endpoint Protection

BitRater uses a cloud-based database of hashes that enables it to provide real time malware protection. BitRater Corporate also deploys locally, for protection across remote endpoints, whether with or without internet connectivity.


Improved IT Control

BitRater Corporate reduces your burden as an IT administrator, while delivering complete and effective protection against malware and unwanted applications.

Using unique application whitelisting technology, BitRater Corporate allows you to control and monitor executable activity on all servers and endpoints.

Endpoint Security

BitRater Corporate delivers a brand new way to protect machines against today’s evolving threat landscape. It’s a “180 degree” from the outdated and defunct approach of traditional antivirus software.

With the most effective form of anti-malware for virtual and physical desktops, BitRater Corporate uses application whitelisting techniques to stop malware before it has a chance to execute. BitRater Corporate protects your users and your information across every terminal and server, stopping attackers, protecting critical systems and your sensitive data.

BitRater Corporate quickly and effectively closes the endpoint security gap on Windows desktops and laptops, without slowing down users. BitRater Corporate offers protection for file servers, desktops and laptops either remote or premise, connected or not, with innovative technology that frees endpoint resources.

Real Time Reporting

BitRater creates an inventory of every application installed on servers and computer endpoints, keeping a full audit trail of what is created, when it was created, what it did, whether it deleted or changed itself - and more.

BitRater Corporate provides you with reports that identifies all applications running within your corporate environment at server and endpoint level.

This enables:

  • Fast, easy forensic investigations

  • Log analysis and reporting

  • Compliance report generation

  • Automated notifications of compliance violations

Data Center Security

Advanced threats are aimed at stealing corporate or personal data. You need the ability to stop attacks before they occur, but antivirus software only stop malware threats after they have been installed, detected and neutralised.

Ultimately, 100% of data breaches occur at the server level. It is become increasingly important to protect your data centers with the best kind of malware protection available - Default-Deny. You cannot afford to take chances with your corporate data as doing so can result in data breaches, lost and stolen data and destruction of servers and endpoints alike. BitRater Corporate stops malware before it can deploy, keeping your data centers safe.

Data Breach Protection

A very large percentage of the world's latest data breaches could have been prevented with a 'deny-by-default' application whitelisting solution in place.

All organizations that collect customer data are at risk of a data breach. Traditional antivirus reactive defense do not work anymore. We need to turn the tables on the hackers and use real-time software whitelisting instead. BitRater Corporate uses a Real-time WhiteList (RWL) concept for end-points.

Previsouly, it made sense to “keep the bad guys out”, because it was resource-efficient. Today, it is “only let the good guys in”, which is what you wanted all along. It takes far less resources to only allow “known-good” to run with a deny-by-default whitelisting solution.

“DEFCON” Compliant

a unique BitRater security function!

If your organization is under attack

– or if you suspect it is, you do not need to panic and close the entire network.

One Single Click

If you as a network/security manager need an immediate action to a global threat,

you simply apply BitRater’s enhanced level of protection.

BitRater’s DEFCON Escalation is a one-click action activation of a simple checklist,

which will effectively stop any and all processes on all endpoints, except trusted applications.

It only takes a minute and you retain all IT functions of the organization.

* The DEFense readiness CONdition (DEFCON) is an alert state used by the United States Armed Forces


Control List & Policies

Protect your endpoints and ensure your servers are secure at all times with a balance of flexibility and security using BitRater Corporate:

  • Automatically create and maintain software whitelists and policies

  • Corporate policies & whitelists can be imported, exported, viewed, edited, searched, merged, and sorted

  • Real time reporting of all unauthorized installation attempts

  • Leverage your existing 'Active Directory' settings to create policies

  • Scanning of remote workstations to augment control list and policies

Integration With Existing Security Solutions

BitRater Corporate easily integrates with major third-party security solutions, to give you a comprehensive defense against new emerging attacks.

It is increasingly important to layer your defenses and focus on endpoint data protection. BitRater Corporate provides complete endpoint data protection, that relies on effective whitelisting applications to prevent malware attacks and data loss.

BitRater Corporate is an additional - and highly effective - layer of protection for servers and endpoints. It supplements the increasingly ineffective signature-based antivirus solutions, which can’t keep up with emerging, zero day malware attacks or ransomware infections. BitRater Corporate completely eliminates the chance of image corruption, system damage or data loss by rogue applications or malware.

Protecting Older Systems

BitRater Corporate protects older systems that are no longer supported by Operating Systems and security vendors such as Windows XP and Server 2003, while alleviating the need to patch these systems.

BitRater Corporate ensures your business maintains security compliance, regardless of the patch status or OS version of each endpoint or server. By eliminating any possibility of unknown or untrusted code to run across your entire network, BitRater Corporate removes the risk of malware executing on your network and ultimately improves stability.

End users experience no slowdown when using the BitRater Corporate software. The agent footprint is minimal and requires few resources, comparable to a device driver. Secondly, there are no regular antivirus scans needed for regular virus scan can slow down XP machines to a crawl.

This means older systems with limited capacity and speed are not bogged down, remaining secure, compliant and functional.

BitRater is a complete endpoint security solution covering all Windows XP and 2003 and forward, including:


Windows 10 32/64 bit

Windows 8.1 32/6 4bit

Windows 8 32/64 bit

Windows 7 32/64 bit

Windows XP 32 bit


Windows Server 2012 R2 32/64 bit

Windows Server 2012 32/64 bit

Windows Server 2008 R2 32/64 bit

Windows Server 2008 32/64 bit

Windows Server 2003 R2 32 bit

About BitRater

Our Mission is to make the latest, most effective security accessible to all.
Our Solution will revolutionize the security market globally by giving private consumers as well as companies the opportunity to move safely on the internet.
The BitRater idea started from rethinking the problem of maximal safety on a computer at an affordable cost to the consumer.
Simplicity is at the core of BitRater. Installing it and setting it up requires minimal action from the user and takes only minutes.
By simplifying the BitRater user interface, the individual user can check at any time to see which threats our solution have been stopped.
False positives are removed by BitRater AI (Artificial Intelligence).


Our vision is to become market leader and preferred safety platform in a proactive fight against malware and other cyber threats in the global security business.


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